Pothole Problem in Mt. Pocono

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MOUNT POCONO -- Work is underway to fix a mess of potholes on a busy road in the Poconos.

PennDOT workers are trying to fix the problem while drivers are busy maneuvering through the bumpy road.

Car after car was seen swerving on a heavily traveled section of Route 611 in the borough of Mount Pocono. A closer look at what these drivers are trying so hard to avoid are the potholes scattered throughout the road.

"Everyone's doing swigitty-wash to get around these potholes.  It's ridiculous, it's ridiculous," said LaShawn Bryan of Mount Pocono.

"I ripped the bottom of my car. I have this thing underneath I have to replace," said Iretha Nalls of Long Pond.

"The mine fields, I don't know.  I gotta go for a wheel alignment every other day," said John Chisuano, Jr. of Pocono Farms.

Just as we were done with talking to drivers who say they've had enough, we ran into a roving PennDOT crew, filling in potholes on Route 611 in the borough.

The mixture they're using is an oil and stone mix that works very well as a more permanent fix.

PennDOT officials say they can't use hot asphalt yet because the black top plants are scheduled to open in mid-April.

So in the meantime, PennDOT crews will continue filling in the potholes.

As for drivers, they may just have to be patient and take caution when behind the wheel.

"I'm up and down this a few times a day and it's really annoying, it really is. Go over them quick," said Chisuano.

PennDOT will continue patching potholes the rest of the week.

Then when the black top plants open in mid-April, crews will start making more permanent repairs to that road.