Homicide Charges In Jersey Shore Death

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JERSEY SHORE -- Police believe a man killed his friend and then buried him under his home. Now, he's charged with homicide and strange details are coming out about how the alleged killer may have tried to cover it up.

It has been five days since a man's body was found buried in the crawl space of a home in Jersey Shore in Lycoming County.

Tuesday, police charged the homeowner with criminal homicide and Glenn Jackson had a lot to say to the judge about what happened.

Jackson is locked up without bail, accused of killing his friend Michael Krauser during a fight the two had last month at Jackson's home in Jersey Shore.

State police say after that fight was over and Krauser was dead, Jackson went to great lengths to bury the body and hide the evidence.

Glenn Jackson didn't say a word on his way into district court in Jersey Shore.

Troopers have charged Jackson with homicide, saying he killed his friend Michael Krauser last month at Jackson's home and then buried the body in a crawl space under the first floor.

Krauser's body was pulled from the home late last week. He was missing for about a month when investigators first arrested Jackson Thursday on an abuse of corpse charge after discovering Krauser's body.

"Mr. Krauser's body was recovered from a hole in Mr. Jackson's basement fully intact," said Lycoming County D.A. Eric Linhardt.

Jackson told a judge both he and Krauser were drinking on February 11 and Krauser grabbed him by the throat, threatening to kill him. Jackson says he was in a fight for his life and eventually hit Krauser over the head with an ash tray.

While Krauser was knocked out, court papers say Jackson stabbed him with a sword and then buried his body four feet deep under his home.

"It's very shocking and unnerving. I'd say unnerving is the key for real," said neighbor Gail Caroccia-Sweeley.  "You don't know how creepy that was. I was here by myself and I've been sick, so who would not freak out with the state police and everyone swarming your neighborhood?"

For weeks, the buried body went unnoticed by neighbors. Investigators, however, say the smell became too much for Glenn Jackson to take, so he looked for a way to help the body decompose.

Court papers indicate that Jackson bought lime, bleach, and liquid cleaners and even checked out a book from the library or community center about decomposing bodies entitled "Stiff."

"Anyone with a drug or alcohol problem needs help, if that's what his problem is or was then he's in the right spot."

Investigators say they recovered two swords from Glenn Jackson's home and the ash tray from another location.

He's locked up without bail and told the judge that he made a mistake and panicked after the fight instead of calling police.