Finding Out How To Achieve

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LEWISBURG -- Some high school girls from central Pennsylvania learned from the pros what it takes to get a job after college.

More than 100 girls from Snyder, Union, and Northumberland Counties attended a Junior Achievement symposium Tuesday at Bucknell University.

The high school girls gathered in Lewisburg to learn the ins and outs of getting their dream job.

"After high school I want to be a veterinary assistant and have my own photography business.  I didn't know there were so many things you could do with photography," said Natasha Wetzel of Line Mountain High School.

Girls in grades ten and eleven came together for the symposium organized by Junior Achievement of central Pennsylvania.

"They get to go through the day experiencing different sessions that focus on everything from identifying personality traits and how that can be in potential careers for their futures, to interview, dress and social media," said symposium coordinator Elizabeth Ackerman.

"It gives them the confidence they need to walk into an interview and to be able to speak to their qualities when they're in interviews, said Jennifer Gurski, Danville High School assistant principal.

Newswatch 16's Nikki Krize had the opportunity to serve as a career mentor to some of the girls who are interested in journalism.  About 25 other mentors also discussed their careers with students interested in their fields.

"They've been through it all, so I can start to know what to expect," said Jayci London from Line Mountain High School.

"It definitely helped me with interviews and things.  There are so many little things that bosses pick out of you and I didn't know that; a certain kind of dress, what you should say," said Kiri McCoy from Warrior Run High School.

Many of the girls who attended the symposium said they look forward to going to college and taking the next step toward landing their dream jobs.