Big Win For Breakfast Club In Scranton

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SCRANTON -- The $1 million Powerball ticket sold in Lackawanna County belongs to a group of people who gather in Scranton every morning and all buy Powerball tickets together every week.

The winners, 25 people, will split that $1 million Powerball prize and if you frequent their well-known hangout, Chick's Diner on Moosic Street, their faces may be familiar.

Every week, the group of regular customers and waitresses at Chick's goes across the street to buy Powerball tickets at the Convenient Mart. But, this week was their lucky one

Every morning inside the historic Chick's Diner in Scranton, the regulars sit around a pot of coffee sharing stories, solving the world's problems, and Tom Melvin collects for the weekly lottery pool.

"We just keep going all the time, you know. So, once in a while we figured we were going to hit one of these days. So we did," said Melvin.

Their daily routine was broken Monday morning when Melvin checked the winning numbers in the newspaper and saw an almost perfect match.

"Well, I've been doing it how long? Checking numbers, checking numbers, and all of sudden they come up. Right in a row, they were. Same numbers as were in the paper."

They had five matching numbers for Saturday's drawing, enough to win them $1 million. But, even that news doesn't faze these guys.

"I just said to Lori, 'Hey Lori, we got five numbers' and she got excited."

A few Chick's Diner employees are in on the lottery pool but for fear they'd be asked to pick up the tab, they remained anonymous. Eventually, the million dollar prize will be split 25 ways coming out to about $30,000 each.

Appreciated, but not life-changing, say the winners. And it's not going to change tradition either. They'll still meet at Chick's every morning and play the lottery next week.

"It's a good group of guys here, and everybody gets along with them."

The Chick's employees in the lottery pool also said nothing there is going to change. They'll still be there to serve coffee to their regulars every morning. One thing has changed though; employees at the Convenient Mart say they've been much busier since the winning ticket was sold.