Remains Identified, Death Ruled Homicide

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JERSEY SHORE -- Autopsy results have positively identified the body and remains pulled from a house in Lycoming County and it is the person they thought it was all along.

The death has now been ruled a homicide.

Authorities hoped an autopsy today on the body and remains found at the house last week in Lycoming County would shed more light on this bizarre case.

Investigators were looking for a positive ID as well as cause and manner of death.

The Lycoming County Coroner told us Friday that at first look, the remains appeared to be Michael Krauser. Monday's autopsy confirmed that and now Krauser's death has been ruled a homicide.

The coroner says Krauser died of multiple blunt and sharp force injuries.

People who knew Krauser, including his wife will wait for more answers.

The remains found beneath the home in Jersey Shore were unearthed Friday and removed by investigators who wanted to know for sure who was buried there.

Michael Krauser, 47, had been missing for about a month in Jersey Shore and the investigation into his disappearance led police to Glenn Jackson's home on South Lincoln Avenue where the body was found on Thursday.

"I was concerned, once I didn't get contact with him after the 11th, I was worried," said Carolyn Krauser.michael krauser

Carolyn Krauser had been married to Michael Krauser for more than six years. The two split up and then, Carolyn says, she stopped hearing from her estranged husband about a month ago.

Glenn Jackson is charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence.

According to arrest papers, Jackson told a neighbor he buried Krauser's body in a crawl space under his home on South Lincoln Avenue.

"As far as I'm concerned, I hope he rots, that's what his family hopes too," said Carolyn.

Carolyn Krauser says her husband and Glenn Jackson had a mostly bad relationship but what could lead anyone to kill her husband.  Carolyn Krauser can only wait for more answers.glenn jackson lyc death

"We're all trying to be patient, but it's not easy."

The Lycoming County Coroner says it could be several weeks before test results come back that could shed more light on Krauser's death.

Glenn Jackson, the owner of that home, remains locked up on charges of abuse of a corpse.

State police say Jackson could face more serious charges as early as Tuesday.