People Excited for Warm(er) Weather

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Spring is in the air in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania! Even though it is officially still winter until next week, Newswatch 16 found folks who are taking advantage of above freezing temperatures and spending the day outside.

Spring is in the air at a playground in Lewisburg. Teenagers played basketball and children climbed on the playground equipment.

"Finally a little bit warmer today so we thought we'd take advantage of that and have some fun at the park," Deana Carson said.

Temperatures were in the 50's for the third straight day. These kids had cabin fever, and were glad for the slight warmup.

"They've been cooped up inside with the bad weather for so long. It's just so nice to get out and get some fresh air," Carson said.

Fresh air is what Tyler Page had in mind as he went for a run at Milton State Park.

"I don't really get to get out much, so I try to take advantage of the weather when I have it. It's a really nice day and it's fun to be out here," Page said.

And another warm weather activity that brings people out by the hundreds is golf.

"Fresh air, a walk," Rodney O'Brien said.

White Deer Golf Course near Williamsport was packed with players. In fact, the manager tells Newswatch 16 there have been more than 600 golfers since Saturday. To put that into perspective, the weekend before there were only 34 golfers.

"It's golf. Anything is great when it's weather like this. It's a good day to get out and I'm enjoying the day off of work," Tom Steele said.

With spring officially a little more than one week away, these golfers should have plenty more opportunities to hit the green.