Gas Impact Fee Cuts Township’s Property Taxes In Half

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Homeowners in a township in Bradford County are experiencing something rather unusual: a drop in property taxes by 50 percent!

While other municipalities are raising taxes, supervisors in Monroe Township say they were able to cut the millage rate in half all thanks to the booming natural gas industry in the county.

Brian Lamphere has lived in a rural part of Bradford County near Dushore for fifty years.

Hearing that Monroe Township has now cut property taxes by fifty percent was something he almost couldn`t believe.

“Astounded, seems that the state and federal government keep raising taxes and finally the township took the initiative that they had a surplus of money to actually lower people`s taxes,” said Lamphere.

Monroe Township Supervisor David Dunn says it`s the booming natural gas industry in the county that`s making this possible.

He says the township received its first payment from the natural gas impact fee, that`s the fee imposed on gas companies drilling new well sites, to the tune of $271,000.

“It`s helping the townships, we`ve never had so much money in our lives,” laughed Dunn. “And we`re spending it properly.”

Dunn says the money came through in December, giving the supervisors the ability to cut the millage rate in half, from 10 mils to five.

Dunn believes it should be an annual saving of $100 for the average home owner.

“I wanted to touch every taxpayer in my township and that`s how you do it,” said Dunn. “I saved $283.22.”

Dunn says another payment will come in July.

With annual payments to come each July, Dunn says there`s plenty more areas where the township can save.

“There`s a lot of stuff that the impact fee can be used for, there`s hardly anything you can`t use it for from what we`ve seen,” said Dunn.

Last October the state utility commission said Bradford County would receive $8.4 million from the impact fee, the largest payout in the state.

Local municipalities within counties can receive up to half a million dollars each.