Neighbors React to Missing Man

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JERSEY SHORE -- People who live next door to Michael Krauser said they have not seen him in about one month, which they said is odd. Neighbors said Krauser is diabetic, and is on medication for blood clots, so he usually would not go too far from home.

An eviction notice is posted on the front door of Michael Krauser's apartment on Broad Street in Jersey Shore. Neighbors have not seen Krauser in about one month, which they say is odd.

"It's just weird for him to just not be around anymore because he's usually always here," said Curtis Trent.

"He'd go and ride his bike everyday so it's kind-of odd that we haven't seen him in a while," said Michele Trent.

Curtis and Michele Trent lived next door to Krauser for about three years. They thought Krauser and Glenn Jackson were friends, and were surprised that Jackson allegedly told a friend he buried Krauser in his basement.

"They were always out here sitting on the porch talking. They never seemed to have any problems that I really noticed," said Curtis.

Staff at the love center in Jersey Shore said Jackson and Krauser were both volunteers at the food pantry. Jackson was there earlier in the week, but Krauser was recently told not to come back for making sexual gestures at women.

According to court papers, Jackson and Krauser did not always get along. The two got into a fight last October at Jackson's house. Krauser refused to leave and was charged with disorderly conduct.

"But there was never anything like that between the two of them here that we ever heard," said Michele.

The Lycoming County Coroner said he believes the body buried inside the house is Michael Krauser. He is waiting on official autopsy results. Glenn Jackson is behind bars charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence. Depending on the autopsy results, he could face additional charges.