Illegal Dumping At Avondale Mine Disaster Site

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP – A utility company said that it plans on building metal gates to block off a dirt road that leads to a notorious illegal dumping site in Luzerne County.

A spokesman for UGI Utilities told Newswatch 16 that it operates a natural gas line underground and that it plans to install gates to deter illegal dumping near the site of the Avondale Mine Disaster near Route 11.

Historians said 108 miners and two rescuers were killed when the Avondale Colliery caught on fire in 1869.

Plymouth Historical Society President Steve Kondrad he’s disappointed to see that the trash has returned, months after volunteers cleaned up the mess last year.

"The next day, the next month, somebody comes back and dumps it all over again. Its right near Route 11, its hidden from plain view and it`s known by people that illegal dump as a good spot to dump,” said Kondrad.

Kondrad said volunteers will not organize another clean up at the site until after the gates are built.


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