McAdoo Catholic Elementary Fighting to Stay Open

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MCADOO - McAdoo Catholic Elementary School teaches about 100 kids from Pre-School to eighth grade and has been open since the early 1920's, but with declining enrollment, the school is fighting to raise enough money to keep the doors open and its' mission alive.

For the about one hundred kids still learning there, they said there's no place they'd rather be.

"I love it all, my friends are here, the teachers are nice, no bullying, it`s like a big family atmosphere all the grades get along together," said Nick Kerestus, a seventh grade student.

"I actually just started this year at the beginning of the year, and I love it here," said Kyle Kapish, a seventh grade student.

Kids there said they enjoy the small class sizes, about 13 students per room, and the individual attention.

But the Diocese of Allentown said the school must raise at least $130,000 in pledges to meet the school's deficit, otherwise the doors will have to close.

"It`s painful, it`s a painful thought, and we really want to do everything we can to make sure that we`re able to open," said Sister Mary Sue Carwile, the principal.

Parents, parishioners and community members have raised more than $52,000 to keep this school open, and they`re hopeful those pledges keep coming in.

Sister Mary Sue Carwile said parents and parishioners have begun a telethon to raise money, calling homes, and asking for help, and even some of the students have stepped up as well.

"I have a five dollar bill there that a little first grader gave me, he told me he took it from his tooth fairy money to keep the school open, so I keep it there as a reminder of how hard we all have to work to make this happen," said Sister Carwile.

McAdoo Catholic has a deadline of April 30 before the final decision is made and many said they can't imagine what's next if the community doesn't come through.

"I wouldn`t like it, I really want to come back here next year," said Matt Cervasio, a seventh grade student.

The McAdoo Catholic Elementary School is hosting an open house on Sunday for any students interested in attending the school.

If you would like to give a pledge to the McAdoo Catholic Elementary School you can contact:

McAdoo School Office - 570-929-1446
Church Office - 570-929-1073

For Information about the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program: 570-929-1446 (ask for Minor).

You can also go to the school's website.