Extreme Case of Road Rage on Casey Highway

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We've all been there, another driver pulls into your lane a little too close causing you to put on the brakes. But for a couple from Lackawanna County being "cut off" on the Casey Highway lead to a chain reaction of events they never expected.

"Imagine if she got shot over something as stupid as me hitting my brakes, it's a total disregard for human life, total disregard for human life," said Anthony Darko of Clarks Summit.

Newswatch 16 caught up with Darko and Christine Stulgis at their home in Clarks Summit.

Less than 24 hours earlier, they were on their way home from a friend's house on the Casey Highway when Darko was cut off and stopped short in the left lane.

The driver behind them had to stop short too.

His name is Daniel Parliament from Wayne County. According to police, after slamming on his brakes he drove into the right lane next to Darko's truck, rolled down his window, and pulled out a nine mm pistol.

"I said to my girlfriend, 'he's going to shoot!'. He had the gun out the window and he was aiming at us so I hit the brakes as hard as I could," said Darko.

As Darko's truck slowed down he said Parliament missed his shot, and instead of hitting them the bullet whizzed past his pick-up.

"I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. I didn't think it was real at first, it just didn't look real," said Stulgis, who was in the passenger's seat.

The couple caught a few luck breaks after the gun went off. They decided to follow Parliament off of the Casey Highway and passed a Jessup Police officer on the way.

That officer and a few others caught up with Parliament outside Lasalle Academy in Jessup and they arrested him on the spot.

Stulgis and Darko watched as police put parliament in cuffs. He was charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

The bullet was never found on the Casey Highway.