Thieves Target SPCA Thrift Store

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- Wires ripped right out of the ceiling and hundreds of feet of copper piping all gone. Thieves are responsible for taking about $10,000 worth of material at the SPCA's Thrift Store that just recently opened.

"It was nuts, you know I thought why would they pick on the SPCA?" said SPCA Director Jim McKeone.

Jim McKeone owns the building along Route 61 near Pottsville and said half of it has been vacant since the end of January.

Thrift Boutique Manager Lee Yeager said she's frustrated by the thieves, because all the money raised here supports the animals.

"You should have some shame. I don`t think you do, but I wish you did," said Yeager.

The SPCA didn't discover the theft until early this week and said the thief or thieves took just about everything.

"Yeah, they said they had to be here a long time, the State Police were here they were up in the holes looking at all the stuff that`s gone and he said yeah, they did a good job," said McKeone.

This all after the Ruth Steinert SPCA in Pine Grove was a victim of an arson back in 2011. Workers said the most recent blow is hard to take.

"All of our volunteers, we pour our heart and soul into this, and to have, to be blatant, a scumbag come in and do something like this, you`re not hurting us, you`re not hurting people, you're hurting the animals," said Shelter Manager Jessica Bettinger.

Workers at the SPCA Thrift Store said they don`t know how long this theft will keep this door closed, but they do say a few companies have offered them some help.

"It`s incredible, we`ve folks step forward from Cloverfield Services, Shawn Barret, we`ve had a Doug Buffet offer materials," said Bettinger.

But the SPCA has a message for whoever is responsible.

"What were you thinking of? Don`t you think of all the people trying to do good in the world and take care of all these animals that are abandoned, not fed, abused?" said McKeone.

The SPCA is offering a reward to anyone who comes forward with information that leads to an arrest in this investigation.

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