Saving Cents at the Pump

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PITTSTON -- Since the start of the year. Gas prices have risen quickly, but there's one gas station in Luzerne County keeping prices well below the average.

It's not everyday you see someone filling up on gas with a smile.

"This is awesome!"

Maryann Grochal of Duryea is pretty excited to find the gas at this Good2Go station in Pittston only costs her $3.49 a gallon.

"Then right next door, it's like 45 cents more. That's like ridiculous," said Grochal.

It's actually only 16 cents more a gallon at the Sunoco next door, but the Sunoco is a full service station.

"We have our regular customers. Plus we also sell diesel and you don't have to get out of your car here," said Ray Naugle, Sunoco manager.

But for many drivers filling up at this Good2Go station near William Street and the Pittston Bypass, 16 cents is enough of a savings to stop here.

"One of the lowest around, so might as well take advantage of it," said Bob Zieleski, of Pittston.

This station recently got new pumps that now accept debit cards, something that customers said is more convenient. Plus it charges the same amount as if they were to pay in cash, and that's not something all gas stations do.

"It's 10 cents a gallon cheaper if you pay with cash than if you use your debit card, but I don't carry cash," said Grochal of Duryea.

The Good2Go manager said he consistently keeps prices low to bring more people to the pumps and inside his store.

"It helps people. It's a really bad time right now. So it helps economy to move so that's why we always keep the price low, let customers get the good price on the gas," said Andy Patel, Good2Go manager.

Patel said about 2000 vehicles a day come through here. Maryann Grochal said she'll continue to stop there because with savings like that...

"I can buy bread this week!" said Grochal.