Remarkable Rescue by Volunteer Firefighters

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GREENFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Two volunteer firefighters are being called heroes after they rescued a man from a burning car.

Emergency crews in Lackawanna County walked down Route 106 in Greenfield Township, recounting a remarkable rescue by two of their own volunteers.

A 25 year old from Greenfield lost control of his car and crashed on John Kelley's property outside Clifford just after midnight, hitting several objects before bursting into flames.

"Mailbox, tree, my grandson's car, then it wound up in the back on fire," said Kelley.

Two volunteer firefighters responding to this call -- Nick Bonczkewicz of Greenfield Township Fire Department and Michael Zeshonski of Clifford Township Fire Department -- came across the scene before making it to their firetrucks and stopped.

"He was just screaming to get me out, he was in a fully engulfed vehicle, he was totally surrounded by flames," said volunteer Nick Bonczkewicz.

Nick Bonczkewicz of Greenfield Township pried the car door open and pulled the man to safety while the Greenfield police chief doused the flames with a fire extinguisher, all with very little time to spare.

"Seconds, seconds, the car was fully engulfed and he was trying to get out of a window that there was no room for him to get out of," said Greenfield Township Fire Chief Bruce Evans.

Firefighters don`t know what caused the 25 year old to lose control and end up crashing here just off Route 106, but they do know that he`s lucky to be alive.

"I`d like to think so, you know, that`s what we`re here to do," said Bonczkewicz.

The Clifford and Greenfield Fire Departments couldn't be more honored to have these men in their departments.

"He`s an absolute true hero, and we just couldn`t be more proud of him," said Clifford Township Fire Department Assistant Chief Dan O'Rourke.

"'Do you call these guys hero`s today?' Yes I do, absolutely," said Chief Evans.

Greenfield Township Police say they plan to file charges against this 25-year-old driver soon, but haven't said exactly what. The drivers family says he was on his way home from a local open-mic night and may have had one too many to drink.