UPDATE: Ice Rescue At Frances Slocum State Park

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KINGSTON TOWNSHIP --The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Mannager said that more warning signs about the unsafe ice went up at Francis Slocum Lake Thursday morning.

Rescue crews responded after several people fell through thin ice Wednesday in Luzerne County.

State park workers have not released any names, but told Newswatch 16 that a 17-year old and 20-year old fell through the ice.

There are two large holes in the ice where the people fell through.

It happened about 100 yards away from the main boat launch off Carverton Road.

Volunteer firefighters from Trucksville were there within minutes after a person driving by saw people struggling in the water and called 911.

Family members tell us two teenage girls were walking on the ice of the lake at Frances Slocum State Park and fell through.

One girl made it out of the water on her own, but the other could not.

Samantha Dewey says one of those women is her sister, 19-year old Holly Dewey.

“She said her and her friend were walking back and they fell through the ice and her friend got out, was trying to help her back out but she wasn’t really able to,” said Dewey.

A driver who stopped to help, along with a Kingston Township police officer ran out onto the ice and both fell through.

Those men got out on their own and are doing okay.

Firefighters used ropes to pull the two girls back to safety. They were both taken by ambulance to Geisinger Wyoming Valley hospital. Family members say they will be OK.

The first firefighter who got on the ice helped rescue one of the girls using only a rope and his own life vest.

“Grabbed my personal flotation device because I don`t want to sink out there. If I go through I’m trained to get myself out. I didn`t want to get close because that was a weak spot. Throw the rope, drag them out,” said Jason Rose of the Trucksville Volunteer Fire Department.

“If it was five minutes more, I don`t think the girl would have made it. She was probably in there like 12 minutes and she kept saying ‘my body is going numb, my body is going numb,” said Donna Fountain of Exeter.

Samantha Dewey agrees, saying that without all that help, her sister may not still be alive.

“I’m actually really happy that there was people here because they said if no one saw her at all, that she would have been dead,” said Dewey. “These people are just strangers and they went over to help, I thought that was really great, very grateful for that.”

The manager at Frances Slocum State park is still investigating.

Everyone who fell in is expected to be OK.

Firefighters tell us most of the ice on Frances Slocum Lake is too thin to be safely walking on.