Central Columbia 200 Medley Relay Team

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Track and Field has the 4x100 relay-one time around the track passing the baton three times. Swimming's equivalent is the 200 medley relay. Four swimmers doing four unique strokes for 50 meters each. Katie Saloky anchors Central Columbia's state title team.

"It's truly exciting because I know that they like help me get in there. I just have to finish it off, so it kind of makes it easier knowing that they are in front of me," said Katie Saloky.

Before Katie Saloky can touch up and finish her part of the race for this state championship team, her teammates Katie Maddon, Nicole Brunozzi, and Beth Grazio will have to do their strokes to the best of their ability to help this Central Columbia team get that lead.

"It's definitely important to get off to a good start. Every role is important, so we just have to try our hardest," said Katie Maddon.

"Nicole you obviously do the breast stroke talk about how much work you put into that? I've been swimming since September like all the time, swimming is my main focus other than school and I give my all into it-it's my passion," said Nicole Brunozzi.

"A team like this doesn't happen a lot. We're really thankful that all the pieces fit together and we're thankful for how hard we work and the friendships that we made," said Beth Grazio.

"It's very exciting. It's good to have the same crew back for another year to give them a chance to do better than they did last year and they got the state record last year, but it's definitely nice to have another opportunity to even better it once again," said Tim Gardner.

Surprisingly Central Columbia enters the state meet as the five seed and once again they'll have to prove to everyone they are the best.

"Yes we definitely want to lower it and Villa Maria really has been working hard this year and so they'll give us a lot of competition and hopefully we can just hold them off," again said Katie Saloky

States start on Wednesday March 13th at Bucknell University. Central Columbia set the state record last season in the 200 medley relay with a time of 1:46.89