Business Booming for RV Sales

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ELYSBURG -- While some airline prices may be on the rise, an RV dealer from Elysburg says the motor home business is a very affordable way to travel.

Susan and Ira Wilkinson picked up their new RV at Farnsworth Camping Center in Elysburg. The couple from Trevorton enjoys four-wheel drive racing, and bought the RV to get them where they want to go.

"We wanted one with slides. This has two slides on it. We need more room because we have more children," Susan said.

"Everybody's getting ready to go out for the summer and they're getting their new units, or get their units serviced and ready for spring," Gary Farnsworth said.

Gary Farnsworth owns Farnsworth Camping Center on North Market Street in Elysburg. He says his busy season is March through July and says the RV business has seen a large increase in sales over the past two years.

"The way it's going so far this winter, I feel like we're going to see another one this year. It has been really good for us," Farnsworth said.

Farnsworth carries many new RVs for under $20,000. Some customers say they are willing to make that investment because it pays off in the long run.

"It's cheaper to go out with your RV than it is to rent a hotel room. You have all your personal belongings with you and you can sit there at the camp fire and cook with your friends rather than sit in a hotel room," Ira said.

Farnsworth calls RVs good investments for people who do not want to spend money to fly, and says recreation vehicles are a safe and comfortable way to travel.