Abused Dogs Recovering

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HONESDALE -- A female lab pit bull mix, found with her muzzle and legs bound with duct tape recently in Pike County is doing well.

Humane investigators said the female animal was found in an outbuilding on a property in Pike County.

She was taken away and treated by a vet.

Russel Seese of Greentown has been charged with animal cruelty.

"She's recovered really well and she's a little tank," laughed Kristen Anderson, a volunteer at the Dessin Animal Shelter near Honesdale, who played with the dog Wednesday.

She said the dog is almost completely recovered.

Many still cannot understand why the animal was so badly abuse in the first place.

"At first I didn't truly believe it, it was real around here, I know we have a lot of cruelty cases in our area, but I didn't think someone would be that demented," said Anderson.

Anderson said what happened to the dog shocked her and many others.

Anderson is caring for another abused dog.

This one was left to starve in the basement of a home after the owner moved away in Pike County.

Anderson said the animal is doing much better now.

"She's extremely cuddly and loving so I don't know how someone would anyone would justify doing that. She just needed a little food, TLC, and she's up to 40 pounds now so," said Anderson.

While both dogs seem to be recovering well, these abuse cases take their toll on the folks who work with animals.

Humane officer Marlene Metzger said sometime she does not know how she deals with it all.

"I don't know, I really don't know," said Metzger.

The caregivers for the animals said they are so glad the dogs are doing better now, and the way they have recovered is a lesson for everyone.

"It's tough to believe after all they've been through she's still wagging her tail. They haven't given up on us, someone gave up on them but they still believe in us," said Anderson.