Taste Test: Kellogg’s Nutty Delights

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TAYLOR -- Honey Roasted Almond and Peanut and Dark Chocolate are the two new flavors from Kellogg's Fiber Plus Nutty Delights.

They are supposed to be a healthy and enjoyable snack rich in vitamin E and zinc.

So we put the bars to the test at the Taylor Walmart in Lackawanna County.

"I like these, I know I buy them every week. But not these kind, the other kind. The plain ones. (The new ones) are very good, very good, I like it, I like anything with nuts in it," said Louise Marcheona, of Scranton.

Family members Joan and Susan Gensiak both decided to give the new chewy bars a taste.

"This tastes a lot better. I usually get Special K, but I've never had fiber plus before and this is really great,  love it."

While Joan tried the "Peanut and Dark Chocolate," Susan tried the "Honey Roasted Almond".

"That one's good. It's really nutty and it's not too sweet. And I love the chocolate part," said Susan Gensiak.

While the adults seem to approve of this healthy snack, we decided to see if the kids might like it too.

"It's like chewy and it tastes like chocolate. It's like a candy bar with a little bit of nuts in it," said Tyler Connor, of Scranton.

Even mom said it gets her stamp of approval.

"I think its very good, tastes like a candy bar," said Emy Mercer, of Scranton.

Each bar is 150 calories. Has between seven to eight grams of fat and contains six grams of dietary fiber. Not only are they a tasty treat but they are also a healthy one.

We found Kellogg's Fiber Plus Nutty Delights at the Walmart in Taylor for $2.78 a box and each box contains five bars.