Shuttered Bars A Concern for Scranton, Other Owners

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The countdown is on, just five days until the big St. Patrick's Parade in Scranton.

That makes this the start of one of the busiest weeks for businesses in the city and also a busy week for those officials in charge of keeping everyone safe.

Store fronts in downtown Scranton become prime real estate on Saturday when the streets are flooded with 30,000 to 40,000 people during the city's St. Patrick's Parade.

This year, there will be two fewer places for bar-hoppers to visit. Farley's and The Banshee have closed, adding to the list of shuttered bars downtown.

City officials said that some people see the closed bars as a money-making opportunity and have asked to open them just for Parade Day.

"It's a little extensive, we have to make sure all of the buildings are safe, make sure there's a health inspection, and then obviously the LCB gets involved to issue a license if everything complies with the city," said Director of Licensing and Permits Mark Seitzinger.

Seitzinger said so far, no one's gotten the proper permits to re-open one of the closed bars on Saturday.

For bar owners who will be open on Parade Day, they're actually worried about there being fewer options for their customers. They're afraid that longer lines on the street will make for shorter tempers.

Patrick Nasser is a co-owner of Backyard Ale House on Linden Street, he said he's worried about overcrowding on an already hectic day.

And offered some advice to any one looking to bar hop on Parade Day.

"If you're going to come down, be prepared to wait in line and keep yourself happy, enjoy the day for what it is," Nasser said.

Bars in Scranton can open as early as 9:00 am on Parade Day.