Girls’ Basketball Team Reaches a Milestone

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PINE GROVE -- A girls' basketball team in Schuylkill County took a victory lap while fans cheered them on.

The Pine Grove Area girls reached a milestone this season. The first team in Pennsylvania history to reach 1,000 wins, and that deserved a parade!

There's a lot to celebrate in the Pine Grove area, and a lot of people who were a part of the 1,000 victories the high school girls team now has under its belt.

After a bus trip through Tremont and Donaldson, current and former lady cardinals wound up back at the high school in Pine Grove to share in their success together.

"We were doing some of the old cheers, and we used to sing the alma mater coming up to the school, and coming back in, yeah it was great," said Linda Dietrich, former player.

Dietrich played for the cardinals back in the 1970's when teams had six players on the court, and the number of wins was growing.

A couple months ago the team reached the 1,000 win mark. Something point guard Becky Evans said was always in the back of players' minds.

"It means a lot to be a part of it, to be out on the court during the 1,000th win game. It was just awesome," said Evans.

This lady cardinal's team has won two state championships and is gunning for a third this year.

For most of those wins, coach Ronald Rhen was on the sidelines.

"It's amazing, I didn't know something like this was going to happen. The people that followed me did a great job," said Ronald Rhen, former coach.

The one thing the women and girls said they have in common, other than being a part of basketball history, is their love for the game.

As coach Rhen figured, the lady cardinals have always been more than a team.

"So they think they're a family, they love each other. They work together, it turned out pretty well today," said Rhen.

The lady cardinals lost in the district championship game Friday night.

The season's not over though. The state tournament starts soon, and the Pine Grove Area Lady Cardinals hope to make a run and get a few more wins, maybe even another state title!