Students Get Furry Visit from SWB RailRiders Mascot

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WAVERLY -- One of the new mascots for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders made its first appearance at Waverly Elementary School Friday.

It was busy day for students at Waverly Elementary School in Lackawanna County. From their annual health fair, Dr. Seuss reading, and crazy hair day, to the first public appearance of a new mascot for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders.

Students got a firsthand look and greeted the porcupine mascot like he was a true rock star.

"Very furry, wow, really cool, very furry, like a porcupine, awesome, a great addition to the RailRiders, cool, funny, different from other mascots, really furry, fuzzy and pretty cool," those were the comments from the many kids who had a chance to meet the mascot.

The new RailRiders mascot, who has yet to be named, gave the kids high fives and amped up their already fun-filled day.

Even parents and teachers at Waverly Elementary School were excited and impressed with the new porcupine mascot.

"It reminded me of a rock festival where everyone goes wild, when they take the stage everyone loved it," said parent Sarah Vanbelle.

"The kids loved that mascot, he was a lot of fun they were so excited to see and to try and name him," she added.

The RailRiders are turning to kids for their creative ideas.

"It's important to start with the kids because, let’s face it, sometimes they have ideas that adults will never come up with. So we really thought we could get and original idea and a fun idea for mascot that's supposed to be catered to the kids," said Cameron Wengzyn with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders.

"Tee Pine or Piner, Spike, Spike, Fuzzy, Porky, Porky, Porky, Porky," said the kids suggesting names.

Some pretty interesting names, not bad.

This school visit was just the first of many to come. The RailRiders plan to visit schools all over the area until they find the perfect name for the porcupine.