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Pet Slideshow: March 2013

Posted on: 9:17 am, March 1, 2013, by , updated on: 01:29pm, March 14, 2013

Check out these great pet pics!

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  • My beautiful chihuahua Chico 6 months old

  • Kane lovin the snow!

  • I love to pose for a photo

  • my little kitty

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  • This is Shadow, our 8 month old Black Lab.

  • Lucky, Oscar and Gizmo all ready for bed.

  • Pepper 2 Years Old April 9 , 2013 . He's as spoiled as they get .

  • Saw it snowed, not a happy camper

  • 5 month old Mantle Great Dane named Baby

  • My dog Toby being all cute<3

  • Male Doxie found in Shamokin,PA near Montgmy and Pine Street..wants to go home.

  • Enjoying a winter day

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  • Dog Tired

  • Evyn and Ernie (the puppy) loves to go for a walk 3 times a day in the car.

  • Bailey

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  • Krista and Tazz(in Heaven) Happy 6th B-Day

  • Just got groomed!

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  • My cat Scooby checking out a robin,March 17,2013.

  • Coal adopted Kia into his life when we found her at approx 4 weeks old laying on a sidewalk

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  • Our Lexi just loves the snow!!!!

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  • Basset Hound/Beagle Mix Rescued from Blue Chip Farms and Loving it!

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  • Jet and Muffin Meade visit the Easter bunny!

  • My Maine Coon, Maurice

  • My Pitbull, Ace, laying in the kitchen after dinner.

  • Spartan and her ball

  • Easter is coming

  • Mango keeps watch, being the good guard dog that he is. He lets us know when the school bus stops, the oven beeps or when we have a delivery. He earns his keep well.

  • My dog Mr. Hershey Barr, came from the local shelter, being of his previous situation he was scared and shy. Now he knows he runs the roost, but whenever he sees the camera he smiles. It is so cute it is as if he is saying I am so Happy To Be with my new Mom and Great Grandmom.

  • My boxer puppy

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  • Sugar, a Great Pyrenees, at 7 months

  • Our adorable little chocolate lab, Jet Li

  • My Adorable Chihuahua GiGi

  • Gizmo is a very loving dog. Very smart. Best little guy in the world.

  • SKittles is a crazy loving pug. Full of life. He makes me laugh and smile everyday!

  • My Baby girl Snickers. Full of life and loves to ride on the lawn mower and go outside.

  • Waiting to go swimming

  • Unlaxing

  • Miley is a wonderful girl retriever, Mom just loves her so much.

  • My little fluff-monkey... Pork-chop!

Newswatch 16 Live Streaming

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