Community Searching for Hee Chol Kim

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BUSHKILL — Community members from a development in the Poconos spent their day searching some nearby woods, looking for a man who has been missing since Monday.

Hee Chol Kim is diabetic and doesn’t speak much English.

State police searched aggressively on Monday and Tuesday.

Now Kim’s neighbors are stepping in and say they won’t stop looking until Kim is found.

Concerned neighbors living in the Mountain Top Estates Development near Bushkill have been searching the woods and the neighborhood for one of their own who went missing Monday.

“We have to find him today,” said Adeline Bianco, the Mountain Top Estates Development President.

Bianco is responsible for pulling together a neighborhood search group to find Hee Chol Kim.

Kim’s wife, who also speaks little English, told Bianco to please find her husband.

“So when someone says help me find someone, you just can’t say no,” said Bianco.

About one dozen people have joined the effort to search for Kim. The organizer of the search group has everyone meet here at her home. She has them first sign in, then grab a clip board with a map of the development and lastly, she asks the volunteers to grab some candy. The candy isn’t so really for them, instead, for Kim.

“He’s diabetic, so if he is in diabetic shock, hard candy, it’s sugar. It could probably elevate his sugar level where he be a little bit responsive,” said Bianco.

Once the volunteers were geared up, they set out by foot to find their neighbor, Hee Chol Kim.

Jeff Paul brought along his hunting dog “Buck”.

“They gave me some pieces of clothing here so we’ll give him that and go where the guy was last seen and see what happens,” said Paul.

Buck was able to pick up Kim’s scent near Kim’s home, then lost it.

But that didn’t stop this team from continuing their search.

Another search team headed out into the woods, hoping to find some trace of Hee Chol Kim.

“We got information that he likes to sit in the woods and just kind of hang out and have his quiet time. So we figured here’s a good spot to start,” said Tina Vanderplaat of Bushkill.

Again, Hee Chol Kim is diabetic and doesn’t speak much English.

The neighbors have called off their search Friday afternoon.

They plan to be back out again Saturday morning with help from the Monroe County Search and Rescue Team and crews from New Jersey and New York.