Canton Area Reacts To Deadly Wreck

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CANTON TOWNSHIP -- It happened along Route 14 road in Canton Township, Bradford County just before 8 a.m. Friday morning.

State police said two cars crashed. A woman and two children in one were injured and the driver of the other vehicle was killed.

The driver who died was Canton Area High School Senior Brandon McNett, who studied building construction at the Northern Tier Career Center.

"I got the news from our teachers because they emailed everybody and I kind of heard the news because some people saw it and it was really sad," said Brian Jannone, a student of Canton Area High School.

"Everybody was like sad and stuff in school, crying and once I heard about it I was like, 'Oh my goodness, I can`t believe it,'" agreed Cassie Johnson, a fellow student.

The Canton area is a tight-knit one and people said it did not take long to learn one of their own was killed in a wreck.

The superintendent of Canton Area Schools released this statement:

'...we will continue to provide counseling for students and staff through this grieving process for as long as it is needed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Brandon`s family and to the injured driver and passengers in the other vehicle. '

"He was a nice kid, very down to earth," said Cassandra McFall of Canton.

"It was kind of hard to take in because you`re never going to see him again and it`s just different because some people go away and they come back but he`ll never come back because he`s actually gone," said Jannone.

State police continue to investigate the crash.