UPDATE: Mentally Challenged Woman Gang-Raped

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WEST HAZLETON --According to the West Hazleton Police Chief on Thursday, the suspects in the case have not confessed to allegedly raping a cognitively impaired woman in February.

Police said they expected to make arrests early this month, but now may have to wait up to six months to get DNA results back from the crime lab.

In February, Police in West Hazleton said they were ready to charge several men who they believe gang-raped a mentally challenged 18-year-old woman. The alleged crime came to light this week, and search warrants provide some disgusting details.

Police said five men brutally attacked the woman Monday February 25th. According to an affidavit, each man raped the woman several times.

Neighbors along Winters Avenue are shocked.

"What? Wow."

According to that affidavit, when the young woman said 'no,' one of the men threatened her, saying "You're going to have sex with me or I will kill you."

Court papers say two of the five men suspected of taking part in the rape did not use condoms. Police said the young woman met two of the men through Facebook.

At least one of the men lives in this house, where the alleged rape happened. Kayla Lloyd lives next door.

"The other night there were I think six cop cars. I don't know. They went in the back of the house and then in the front. Somebody answered the door. They went in. They were here for a couple of hours," said neighbor Kayla Lloyd.

According to court papers, police found a used condom and condom wrapper inside the home. They also took several items of clothing and bedding, and police are interviewing people right now to find out more about what happened.

Because of the woman's mental challenges, police say it's been difficult to get information from her.

"Because of her mindset, she was very trusting of these people. She thought these people were her friends. She thought that they were good people," said Brian Buglio, West Hazleton Police Chief.

"I think it's a shame what happened, like I said the mentally-challenged girl. I think she should pick and choose her friends a little bit better," said Mickey Vargas of Hazleton.

"She couldn't even really think for herself. You know and to do that to her is just sick, sick," said Lloyd.

The police chief said there are several levels of rape charges, because the young woman is mentally challenged, the rape charges could be more severe.