Fast Food Restaurant Items Auctioned Off

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WOLF TOWNSHIP -- Anyone could get their hands on a piece of a fast food place Thursday in Lycoming County.

All sorts of restaurant equipment was auctioned off before the property is torn down and it’s all being done to make way for a new McDonald’s restaurant.

Everything was on the menu inside the McDonald’s restaurant near Hughesville.  Eventually, the fast food joint on Route 405 will come down and be rebuilt. But not before the highest bidders were able to get their hands on something they have their eye on, even if it was pure novelty.

“I actually bought a souvenir. For one of my crew people, I bought some giant chicken nuggets,” said manager Michelle Gray.

Gray has managed this franchise location for eight years and says by summer a new and improved McDonald’s should be ready to serve customers.

That means the fryers and the rest of the kitchen must go.

Brenda Insinger of Dushore came ready to bid on anything that might help expand her pizza shop.

"Mostly tables and chairs, seating, some high chairs with Ronald McDonald on them for a keepsake,” she said.

For at least 20 years, everything you see on the wall at this McDonald’s near Hughesville has been a backdrop to countless happy meals. Now everything - decorations, the windows, benches - is being auctioned off piece meal.

“They're tearing it down to the bare walls and they're selling everything from the furniture to the windows to the floor,” said Rick Smith of Hughesville.

Smith is in the market for something that will help him put a patio at his home in Hughesville. At a good price, he'll be able to say he has a piece of the old McDonald’s in his backyard.

“I can claim that these pavers were walked on by everyone going to McDonald’s.”