Fake $100 Bills at Schuylkill Mall

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NEW CASTLE TOWNSHIP -- Popular stores inside the Schuylkill Mall have become popular targets.

"It was shortly after the holidays in January, there was a rash of counterfeit bills that came through the malls. A couple of the stores accepted them unknowingly, they were very good counterfeits," said Elaine Maneval, Schuylkill County Mall Manager.

State Police said, recently, more businesses were hit. Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works and FYE Stores all had phony cash pawned off on them.

At Suglia's Pizza, managers said they've seen one of the six counterfeit bills.

"I had seen it and they look pretty legit. So I went out in the mall and warned everyone how real they looked and just to be careful," said Labinot Sylaj, Suglia's Restaurant Manager.

Troopers are looking for two females, ages 35 to 45 years old with cornrow style hair.

At Vertigo Systems, a store inside the Schuylkill Mall, workers haven`t seen any of those fake $100 bills, but they have had other theft problems and they`re taking matters into their own hands.

"Recently we did have a theft and we put out signs as our policy. We put out public displays so that an other potential thieves see and be dissuaded," said Lance Kepner of Vertigo Systems.

The latest theft was a game controller. Employees said they also check money closely before it's accepted.

As for Suglia's Pizza, they're investing in other protection as well.

"I was actually thinking about getting maybe getting a black light because I heard they work really good," said Sylaj.

Taking every precaution to avoid becoming the next victim.

"It hurts, as a business here, any loss and theft hurts," said Kepner.