Delightful Desserts

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My wife tells me that I hardly do a lick of work when I do go to work. “How much work can it be,” she asks, “to ride around in a car all day, talk to people, then ride back home?” Well, let me tell you, it can be tough.

Take the other day for example. There I was in Millville serving as one of the judges in the annual Sons of the American Legion Pie, Cake and Ice Cream competition. There were eleven pies, nearly as many cakes and four different ice cream flavors. Now, I ask you Dear Reader, is that not a difficult chore? The fact that the bakers and ice cream makers in the competition  had done more cooking last month than I did the last decade didn’t pie2make things any easier. One lady mentioned in passing that what she presented was actually the third version; she said the first two were still at the house and her family got those. She said they didn’t look quite up to snuff. Serious stuff!

pie3Well, we persevered and in the end chose winners; first, second and third place in each division. I like to think we did the entrants justice for I thought everything was pretty good but there always has to be three that are just a cut or two above the rest. Deciding which ones can be very taxing. Some day I ought to tell you about judging the cupcake competition in Tunkhannock a few months ago. Talk about hard work.