UPDATE: Homes Evacuated After Possible Gas Leak

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THROOP -- Authorities in Lackawanna County are trying to figure out how gasoline leaked into the sewer system in Throop, causing an odor throughout the borough and causing a bank to close.

The PNC Bank at the intersection of Sanderson and Dunmore Streets was closed Tuesday morning as crews ventilated the place. The drive-up window and ATM were still in operation.

Around 10:30 p.m. Monday neighbors noticed a gasoline smell, not just on the street but in the basement of some homes.

Officials from U.G.I. and fire officials were knocking on doors and testing the air quality on Dunmore Street, Cypress Street, and Sanderson Street overnight.

Officials said eight families were taken to a hotel.

Everyone is back in their homes but the PNC Bank remains closed at noon.

Officials from D.E.P. are in the borough running tests to see where the gasoline smell could have come from.

Firefighters said they believe a large amount of gasoline leaked into a storm sewer and then spread to the entire sewer system.

Streets that were closed overnight have reopened.

D.E.P. officials have not said if they have determined the cause.