Federal Budget Cuts Create Questions for Local Programs

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- With the "Sequestration" budget cuts looming, local workers and service agencies are wondering what those March 1st budget cuts could mean for Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania?

The White House has put out a list of a dozen ways the March 1st budget cuts could impact Pennsylvania.

According to the White House, 2300 children in Pennsylvania would lose Head Start Services.

Sam Ceccacci, Executive Director,of the Scranton Lackawanna Human Development agency says,"Do you just walk over to a particular child and say you don't come tomorrow. They are all in the middle of a school year, you can't just pull the rug out from a particular child"

The budget cut express would also make a stop at the Steamtown National Historic Site.

The facility's supervisor tells Newswatch 16 he would have to cut 5 percent of an entire year's budget. Before the fiscal year ends in September.

Jobs could remain unfilled . And there would be less money to maintain the historic trains.

Donna Tomasetti works at the social security office in downtown Scranton. She's also the Union rep in her office. She and her co-workers could lose a day of work . And a day of pay . Every week.

She says,"If they would sit down with social security employees, we would be able to tell them where they could save a ton of money, rather than furloughing us. "