Oscar Winner Jack Palance: 1992

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HAZLETON -- Taking a stroll down memory lane, and down the red carpet from 21 years ago.

The year was 1992, when a Hazleton native won the Oscar for best supporting actor.

"The best supporting actor award goes to Jack Palance," said Woopi Goldberg, host of the Oscars in 1992.

Jack Palance's friends in Hazleton couldn't have been happier. To them he was a dear friend who hadn’t forgotten his roots, but then, with an Oscar.

"Jack has always been in demand, he does get a lot of scripts. But now I think jack will get a lot of better opportunities. And a lot better scripts I think he knows that," said Jim Ustynoski of Hazleton.

"I am so happy for him. I am so happy. He's really shy, but when you get to know him he's very quick-witted and wonderful to be with. But I know deep down he's very, very happy," said Edwina Ustynoski of Hazleton.

The best supporting actor wasn't too shy on stage in Hollywood when he accepted his Oscar.

Palance played an aging cowboy in the film City Slickers. He taught yuppie city folks how to rope cattle, and how to find themselves.

"There are some very rare and wonderful moments we have had. We can just be sitting on a couch and all of a sudden he'll stand up and just start to sing or move and do something. It just kind of bubbles out of him," said Ustynoski.

"Honest to god it doesn't make a damn bit of difference.  The thing about awards I think, is ridiculous because I think the role that I played, I said it and said it and said it, anybody could've done a good job with it, so I'm not the kind to accolade myself," said Palance.

For Palance, the Oscar was a display of support from the Hollywood community, but he'll always have support from his Hazleton community.