Looking Back at an Antique Car

Columbia County-- Cars in 2013 come with trunks as standard equipment, but not real “trunks”. For that option, you need to go back a few years.

Back to 1931 when ford made the model "A".

Bill Robbins kept an old beauty at his home outside Berwick.

"It still has mechanical brakes on it. If you want you stop at the end of the road, you start up here," said Robbins.

An ammeter to tell if the battery is charging, a speedometer and a fuel gauge. That's it inside.

The temperature gauge, that is outside, under the hood ornament.

"There's a glass underneath that quail that has a red indicator with a thermometer in it," said Robbins.

The model “A” had a place for a crank start, but it never came to that. The Ford kicked right over, just raring to go.

"If you were going to go 40 to 50 miles, you were planning a full day," said Robbins.

There was no air conditioning inside, the heat came from a hole into the engine compartment.

What they had there was a look at things past, not so very far past, really.

Seventy years, after all, is still prime.

"It's a little piece of history, that's what it is.,” said Robbins.


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