Neighbors Remember Hazleton Shooting Victim

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HAZLETON -- On Sunday afternoon a flickering candle and two bullet holes in a wall were the only visible signs that someone was shot and killed on West Maple Street Saturday night.

Two victims were taken to local hospitals. One man who Hazleton Police have not identified survived, but Angel Villalobos, 19, died.

A neighbor who only wanted to be identified as Billy said, "I know sometimes there's bad things happening here in this section, but nothing like that ever happened before, and it makes you very concerned."

On the street where he was shot, Villalobos is remembered as "Little Angel." The former Hazleton Area High School student became father to a baby boy last April.

Residents say that Villalobo's mother passed away a number of years ago, so he bonded with parents of his classmates like Evelyn Connell.

We met her just a few moments after she discovered a bullet casing lying on the pavement.

Connell broke down in tears as she shared her memories of the teen,
"My 'Little Angel,'I knew him since he was like 14-years-old."

"It's hard to believe someone would shoot him like he was an animal," Connell added, "He went to school with my kids, and he would come to my house. I used to feed him dinner. He used to spend nights at my house. He went to my wedding."

Connell says she's frightened by criminal activity on West Maple Street, And heartbroken angel died so close to her home.