Helping Victims of a Deadly Crash

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LOGANTON -- A school in Clinton County is having some fun Friday night in order to help victims of a deadly car crash last month.

The fundraiser is the idea of fellow classmates who wanted to help two families whose lives were changed in an instant.

It has been a little more than a month since the crash that took Courtney Rebuck from the ones she loved. Her daughter Charlotte is in a wheelchair, nursing two broken legs.

And Sam Rebuck, a 5th grader at Sugar Valley Rural Charter School in Loganton only recently returned to class.

Their father, Ty, said it has been tough without his wife and the kids' mother.

"She spent more time here volunteering because she wanted to be part of the kids lives and she wanted to make a difference," said Rebuck of his wife, who was president of the parent-teacher organization until her death.

Courtney Rebuck died in a head on collision on Route 220 near Mill Hall last month.

The kids, including a four-year-old girl she was babysitting, were hurt badly.

Now, Charlotte and Sam Rebuck and little Cheyenne Weaver are on the mend.

"My jaw is getting unwired in 4 days, it is good, I'm excited," said Charlotte Rebuck, an 8th grader at S.V.R.C.S.

It wasn't long after the crash when Charlotte and Sam's classmates decided they wanted to help the family out that'd been through so much.

"We wanted to do a fundraiser for his dad to let them know we care, and we hope they love it," said classmate Alexis Markham.

The fundraiser includes games for kids, food and more and was thought up by Sam Rebuck's 5th grade class.

"Immediately they showed their concern for Sam, and understood what he must be going through," said teacher Erin Hollick.

Ty Rebuck said it's just what his late wife would have done for anyone else and he's grateful for all the support from the school community.

"That was Courtney, she wanted to help and wanted to be a part of everything and do what she could. It's amazing people are returning the favor."