Woman Now Faces Murder Charges in Snyder County

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BEAVER TOWNSHIP -- New charges on Thursday for a woman from Snyder County. Jennifer Snook now faces murder charges in connection with the death of her husband's grandmother.

Investigators charged Jennifer Snook with second degree murder, alleging she was an accomplice in Bonnie Snook's homcide. State police said her husband, Joshua Snook will also soon face homicide charges in his grandmother's death.

With tears in her eyes, Jennifer Snook left district court in Middleburg. In addition to conspiracy and burglary, she faces two new charges: conspiracy to commit homicide for a planned homicide and second degree murder for the death of her husband's grandmother, Bonnie Snook.

"We're alleging that she was an accomplice, with Joshua Snook, going to his grandparent's house and entering illegally," said Michael Piecuch, Snyder County District Attorney.

Here's what state police said: Joshua Snook got into a fight with a man at a bar. Then Joshua and Jennifer went to his grandparent's house near Middleburg to steal a gun with intentions to kill the man at the bar. While inside the house, there was a struggle between Joshua and his grandparents. Dale Snook was stabbed in the arm and Bonnie Snook was stabbed in the neck.

"We believe that Joshua Snook stabbed his grandmother and she died from that stab wound, yes," said Piecuch.

Joshua and Jennifer live at the house in Sunbury. Some of their neighbors tell Newswatch 16 these charges don't surprise them.

"We're really not shocked," said Michelle Buck.

"Between arguing, fighting and music at all hours of the night," said Andrew Ridgway.

Neighbors said Joshua and Jennifer Snook moved to Pennsylvania Avenue in Sunbury last November.

"Never really talked to them. Said hi, they ignored me. I mean, they weren't really friendly people," said Ridgway.

"They would be partying all hours of the night. Wake up early in the morning and you could just hear them fighting. Glass smashing, it was horrible," said Buck.

Investigators expect to charge Joshua Snook next week with homicide for his grandmother's death. He is locked up in the Snyder County Prison on a parole violation.