Mayor of Potttsville Gives Final State of the City

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POTTSVILLE -- The mayor of Pottsville delivered his final state of the city address Thursday evening.

Mayor John Reiley served 13 years, and he said he will not be seeking re-election.

“Good evening everyone and thank you for being here for my thirteenth and last state of the city.” Mayor John Reiley began his final State of City address, noting that it will be his final one.

After 13 years of overseeing the city of Pottsville, the democratic mayor says it’s time to hang up his hat.

It was a large turnout with folks wanting to honor the mayor as his start at city hall was marked with tragedy.

Mayor Reiley was appointed to the office in March 2000 to fill out the remainder of the term left vacant by Reiley’s son Terry Reiley, who lost his battle with leukemia the month before.

“I think I fulfilled most of Terry’s visions and I’m not getting any younger,” said Mayor Reiley.

This address comes on the thirteenth anniversary of Terry’s death.

In the audience was Reiley’s granddaughter, Terry’s daughter, Caitlin Goodman.

“Last year, when my grandfather finally put in the intermodal station in downtown I know that was one of my dad’s main goals while he was mayor of Pottsville and I was very happy that be put in,” said Goodman.

After Reiley’s appointment, he said he was encouraged by others to run for the office.

He won re-election in 2001, 2005 and 2009.

He said he did it to fulfill his son’s vision for the city, including reducing plighted buildings in Pottsville.

“His tenure here, his 13 years tenure, is a testament, some of the things that his gain I think will be long-lasting things for people to remember here in the city of Pottsville,”  Gary Hess, the democratic commissioner for Schuylkill County.

“God bless America, God bless this Commonwealth and God bless our city,” said Mayor Reiley as he ended his speech.

Immediately the audience erupted with a standing ovation for a man who stood not only for his city but also for his son.