Former Educator Sticks with Plea

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SCRANTON -- Former educator Fred Rosetti has decided to stick with his plea agreement on federal corruption charges even though it means he may spend more time in prison than he expected.

Rosetti had a plea hearing in federal court in Scranton Thursday morning.

Rosetti, of Archbald in Lackawanna County, is the former executive director of the Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit 19. The agency provides support programs for public school students with special needs.

Last year, Rosetti admitted stealing from the agency and pleaded guilty to federal charges. His plea agreement called for him to spend 12-18 months in prison.

Earlier this month, a federal judge rejected that plea agreement, saying that sentencing guidelines called for a stiffer sentence.

At the hearing on Thursday, Rosetti could have chosen to go forward with a trial. Instead, he and his attorney decided to stick with the guilty plea and accept whatever sentence the judge imposes. Sentencing is scheduled for March 5 at federal court in Scranton.

Also on Thursday, Rosetti apologized in court for the first time. He said that he is "truly, truly remorseful because it has affected the people I worked with at the IU, the districts and, especially, the children."