Snow Surprise in Sullivan County

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LAPORTE -- Some parts of northeastern and central Pennsylvania got a little more snow than they bargained for Tuesday.

More than four inches fell in parts of Columbia, Luzerne and Sullivan Counties.

One community that got the worst of this winter blast was Laporte.

Joe Carpenter did not expect to have to shovel snow from in front of his Sullivan County home Tuesday, but he did.

"Expected maybe a dusting to an inch, two inches, and I started out this morning in Towanda and normally an hour trip took about two and a half to get back, got back to even more snow, so it's been a fun day!" said Carpenter.

Carpenter was not he only one caught off guard in Laporte.

"We were supposed to have an inch and this is very wet and slippery, the roads were bad this afternoon," said Hall Stockdill, who was shoveling his driveway with his wife Tuesday night.

While some parts of Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania were only dusted with snow, folks in Laporte got between four and five inches of freshly fallen snow.

"They were calling for one to two inches changing to sleet freezing rain and then all rain, but we started here around nine o'clock this morning, straight snow and we've had snow all day long," said Jeff Randall of Laporte.

Brian Smith of Laporte said he looks forward to fresh snow so he can hit the trails with his snowmobile and added that many of his friends enjoy the snow as well.

"A lot of the other guys ride a lot more than I do.  I mean if there's white on the ground, they ride," said Smith.

Joe Carpenter put the snow into perspective.  "I like it," he laughed.  "Don't live up in Northeastern Pennsylvania if you don't like snow."