Oscar Nominees Draw Crowds to the Movies

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MOOSIC -- It's awards season again and with the Academy Awards just a week away some people are rushing to see the nominated movies before the awards are given out.

With some people having Presidents Day off and the Academy Awards coming up this Sunday, it made for one busy day at Cinemark in Moosic.

Some kids had the day off from school and decided the movies were the way to spend it.

"Just going to see Safe Haven because we have the day off from school. So we just decided to hang out today," said Megan Smith from Lake Ariel.

Jerry Stefanowicz had the day off and decided to take his grandson to see Escape From Planet Earth. He recently saw one of the films up for best picture.

"We were here last week to see Lincoln,” said Stefanowicz. “Very good, enjoyed it a lot."

Lincoln is just one of the nine movies nominated for the best picture Oscar.

The nominees are:


Some of the nominated films are still in theaters.

Most of the people we spoke with said they came out to see Lincoln.

"I saw ratings on it that said it was pretty good and I want to see the history of it and see how everything went along with it. I heard it’s supposed to be a pretty good factual thing of his life so, I want to see how that works out," said Joe Kopko of Wyoming.

Ned George also came to see Lincoln, about a week after seeing another nominated film.

"We saw Argo last Monday and I thought that was an excellent movie, yes. It's a true story. I enjoy documentaries like that," said Ned George of Avoca.

He says it could be a close call between Argo and Lincoln at the Academy Awards.

"Well, we're not critics but, we enjoyed one, I'm sure we'll enjoy the other. In comparison, we'll see what happens," George added.

The Academy Awards are going to be live this Sunday on ABC and WNEP. So if you haven't had a chance to go out and see some of the nominees for best picture, you still have some time.