Collection of Grinders

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Walt Muller's garage in Wayne County showed held a collection back in 1998. It was not the baskets that hung from the ceiling, although they were part of a collection.

Nor did we look closely at the bottles which also belonged to a collection.

Walt was a collector.

"You get a lot of them together, and you have a collection," said Muller.

He applied that rule to his collection of food grinders.

“I just like anything made out of iron that last forever.  When it's got a handle on it, and you can do something with it," said Muller.

There were 150 food grinders, give or take.

In case you don't know, these grinders were as much a part of the kitchen as a stove in their day.

Venison, walnuts, beef, garlic and horseradish – all that and more would be put through one of the grinders in a year.

Now, if we grind food, it's likely with electricity.

Walt just didn’t let that little bit of history go away: It was a tribute to a time that once was.

Muller had captured it, to be sure.