Father, Classmates Testify Against Teen Homicide Suspect

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KINGSTON – Following hours of testimony from eight witnesses, a district magistrate determined that there is enough evidence for 19-year-old Cody Lee to face a trial for the shooting death of his great-grandfather.

District Magistrate Paul Roberts heard the preliminary hearing on a single charge of criminal homicide, four-weeks after District Magistrate James Tupper dismissed the charge and prosecutors had Lee re-arrested on the same charge.

According to troopers, Lee was 16-year-old when he was first charged with criminal homicide in December 2009 for the shooting death of his great-grandfather Herbert Lee, inside his home near Harveys Lake.

At the preliminary hearing on Friday, prosecutors called Cody Lee’s father, his former girlfriend and a classmate to testify.

An alleged handwritten murder plot was also admitted as evidence in the case against Lee.