Personal Care Home Closing in Kulpmont

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KULPMONT -- It was an emotional day for some people in Kulpmont as they moved out of their personal care home.

Ann-Joachim Personal Care Home will close for good this weekend after 26 years because of the economy.

There were plenty of tears and hugs at Ann-Joachim Personal Care Home in Kulpmont as the last of the residents moved out. The facility in Northumberland County will close this weekend after 26 years.

"Not seeing these people after being with them for so long. Everyday. It's difficult. Very difficult," administrator Agnes Delaney said.

Agnes Delaney is the administrator for Ann-Joachim. She made the decision to close earlier this month because of the economy and escalating state regulations. Delaney says 12 residents were living at the home.

"Just loved every one of them. We just treated them like our own family. We made them very comfortable and it was very difficult for us to part with them," Delaney said.

"It was really something special to take care of them. They're like family," Diann Repko said.

Diann Repko worked at the personal care home for 18 years.

"And I'm gonna. I'm going to miss it. A lot," Repko said.

Many of the residents agree.

"It had to be a second home. People were nice," Betty Toter said.

"I was disappointed because I enjoyed being here," Jim Hollister said.

Agnes says all of these things will be sold to pay off the facility's current bills. The property is owned by the Diocese of Harrisburg and will be used by Holy Angels Church.

A spokesperson for the Diocese says the building may be used for meetings or classes by the church. All 12 residents were placed in other personal care homes.