Valentines for Seven Decades

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LOCK HAVEN -- For the past 70 years, a husband and wife in Clinton County have been able to call each other "Valentine."

The couple celebrated seven decades of marriage this week.

Dora and Leroy Wenker live in Lock Haven. For the pair, love has been the glue that's kept them husband and wife for the better part of a century.

Dora and Leroy married 70 years ago, only a couple days before a Valentine's Day honeymoon. They caught a movie in state college, and ate a spaghetti dinner at an aunt's home.

"I had my eye on her for a long time, I was just a country boy from out here on a farm she didn't know me," said Leroy Wenker.

Both were 19 years old, and Leroy found himself in the service. Dora found work wherever he would go.

Eventually, their family grew, five children, then grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Through it all, they've had each other.

"I give the good Lord a thank you every night for years of life and years we've shared our love together really," said Dora Wenker.

Leroy and Dora will turn 90 soon, and yes, they have had their fair share of health problems. She's battling cancer. He's had heart problems.

In spite of the obstacles, on Valentine's Day or any other day of the year, the couple said their love for one another keeps getting stronger.

"I think it gets deeper, I love him more today than the day I married him. I know that," said Dora.

Leroy and Dora will celebrate their 70th anniversary with friends and family on Sunday.