Robbery Suspect In Custody After Standoff

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SCRANTON -- Thursday afternoon, police charged the man they believe robbed a bank in Scranton Wednesday morning and then held cops in a standoff for several hours later that night.

Shane Savage of Scranton faces a slew of charges for the ordeal. Savage has been charged with bank robbery, terroristic threats, and endangering the welfare of others for the hold up in Scranton and for the standoff at the Moosic Motor inn.

Police have told us some details about the investigation, but we still don't know why Savage allegedly robbed the bank in Scranton or how police eventually tracked him down.

Police and FBI agents say the bank robbery suspect they had been looking for finally surrendered to them Wednesday night at the Moosic Motor Inn. He was immediately rushed to the hospital because during the three-hour standoff, he had cut his wrists.

Savage, 26, of west Scranton was already wanted on parole violations after serving time for assault.

When the Wells Fargo bank on Meadow Avenue in Scranton was robbed, police quickly identified Savage as the suspect.

A day later, we got a look at where police say Savage holed up after robbing the bank: a room in a motel on Birney Avenue where Savage

Right next door at Terry's Diner, employees and a full house of customers were also caught up in the standoff.

"An FBI guy with full body armor and a machine gun came running in and said 'everybody on that side, get over there,’” said Terry Holmes of Terry’s Diner. “He didn't give an explanation; he just said ‘move’ so everybody moved! When a guy comes in with a machine gun and body armor you kind of listen to him."

The owners of the diner say all the customers with cars parked close to the motel had to stay; others were escorted out by SWAT team members.

"We've been here almost 60 years and I've never seen Birney Avenue closed, for anything, and they closed it last night, I was like ‘wow!’” said Tim Holmes.

Police were outside the motel room for three and a half hours negotiating with Savage, where they say he repeatedly threatened to hurt officers. That's why he was charged with terroristic threats and endangering the welfare of others on top of the bank robbery charges from earlier in the day.

Police held a news conference in Scranton to explain that Savage was their man and he would be arraigned inside the Lackawanna County Prison. They say they're not finished investigating.

Authorities said Savage is locked up without bail because of his parole violations.