World’s Longest Banana Split…Again?

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SELINSGROVE -- Ice cream, bananas, and whipped cream is a classic combination.  In just a few months, more than 26,000 banana splits will line Market Street in Selinsgrove.  A group of people in Snyder County will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest banana split.

Selinsgrove set the record 25 years ago at 4.5 miles.

"We pulled it off.  To see families just eat this thing on command, it was a lot of fun," Tom Morgan said.

This year, Selinsgrove will try to break its own record by creating a five mile-long banana split, a half mile longer than the old record.  Organizers need 5,000 gallons of ice cream, 26,000 bananas, and more.

"If all goes well, we will have 100 percent of our products donated.  When that happens, all ticket sales will go to donations," Chris Schlieder said.

Pardoe's Perky Peanuts is already on board.  The company based in Montandon will donate 700 pounds of peanuts.

"They presented us with the opportunity, and we thought,’ you know what?  You can't have a banana split without peanuts.’  We're the local peanut guys, we got to get involved with this," Chris Schmouder said.

Organizers say they need more than 1,000 volunteers to scoop the ice cream.  Tickets are $10.  Each ticket buys you a one-foot banana split.  There are more than 26,000 tickets available.

Just to put this into perspective for you, Market Street in Selinsgrove will be blocked off in a mile and a half section.  The banana split will wrap around 3.5 times, so just picture 26,400 portions lining the street.

All proceeds will benefit Muscular Dystrophy of Central Pennsylvania.  If you would like to be a part of this potential record-setting event, click here for more information.