Kingston’s Old UGI Building Coming Down

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KINGSTON -- Suddenly there`s more bustle at the old UGI building in Kingston than there has been in years. For more than a decade, the building along Wyoming Avenue has been vacant.

"Pretty sad, you know? It`s like the Hotel Sterling in Wilkes-Barre, you know? You wish somebody would just tear it down already," said Mark Lightcap, of Kingston.

Now somebody finally is. Fidelity Bank, which has a branch just next door, bought the building. Bank officials wouldn't say how much they paid for the building, but did say that plans are to use the space for more parking and better access to the bank.

Right now when you`re done with your banking or at Kevin`s Restaurant, this alleyway is the only way to exit. But now with this building coming down, you`ll be able to exit out that way towards Wyoming Avenue.

"It`s better to use the space than just let it sit there. You don`t want any, God forbid somebody goes by and something falls and then you get hurt, you don`t want to see that happen," said Lightcap.

As the demolition gets underway, some are taking pictures. People eating lunch across the street at Sweet Treet can`t stop talking about it.

"Well I think it`s about time."

Jean Michalek, of Kingston, is feeling sentimental.

"We used to go there and pay our bills," she said.

She says she understands the bank needs the space, but wishes someone could have a found a way to use the building.

"The look of it is fantastic, even the design on the top is beautiful. You`re not going to get a building with a design like that today. That's an old, old timer," said Michalek.

Officials are still unsure when the work here will be complete.