Bullet Found in Lakeland High School

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP - It was an all out search at Lakeland High School. School Officials say a small caliber bullet was found in these hallways on Monday afternoon.

Superintendent Dr. Margaret Billings-Jones says school officials immediately contacted their school resource officer, a Scott Township policeman and together they began to search the building.

"We took a look at our building and secured the building to make sure with the local police department and the District Attorney`s Office that our building was cleared and this morning we engaged in further safety precautions," said Lakeland School District Superintendent Dr. Margaret Billings-Jones.

Each student was also searched when they walked through the high school doors at the beginning of the school day, and wanded with metal detectors.

"I think we live in a scary world and things are happening all the time, so we have to be careful and as parents we`re always nervous," said parent Terry Sears.

Parents say in this rural district the bullet could have easily ended up here accidentally.

"That`s very possible, very possible, the kids around here you know they go shooting with their parents, their father, grandparents or what not, it`s very possible it could have just been accidental," said parent Gene Hosie.

District Officials say although the search here at Lakeland High School was precautionary, they felt that it was necessary to make sure everyone was safe.

Scott Township Police Chief James Romano says he agrees with Lakeland School District's response, but says even if they determine who's responsible for the ammunition, there may not be any charges.

"A bullet by itself is not a problem, it needs to be accompanied by a threat or the ability to use the bullet," said Chief Romano.

Some parents emailed Newswatch 16 angered they were not alerted about the search, but others think the school made the right call.

"I think it`s very hard to know the right thing to do, kids have cell phones and they`re alerting parents and I think that`s more scary sometimes than what`s actually happening," said Sears.

Superintendent Billings-Jones and Chief Romano say this is the first time they can remember that students and staff were searched as they entered Lakeland High School.