16 Salutes: Dedicated 85-Year-Old Meals on Wheels Driver

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CARBONDALE -- Sorting out hot meals and hitting the road. It's a frequent routine for Bob Snyder, volunteering for Meals on Wheels.

"Had some time on my hands and I just kind of believe in giving something back. Somebody’s got to do it and you get hooked on it," said Snyder.

Bob's been hitting the road for more than 20 years, giving more than just his time.

"He's done a lot of extra things for them, shovel walks, just checking on them picking up things for them. He's really a friend for most of them," said Meals on Wheels Volunteer Coordinator Shannon Cooper.

Ann Nelson's home is just one of the stops Bob makes three times a week on his Carbondale route.

"I love to see him come because he always has a smile," said Nelson.

Most deliveries like one to Ann Nelson's home are routine for the 85 year old.

"Ann is quite a gal there. I've known her a long, long time," said Snyder.

"Oh, he's very nice. I don't have no troubles I know he brings my food, he sets it down and we talk a minute," said Betty Morris of Carbondale.

But just a few weeks ago, Bob's visit did more than bring a meal, it brought emergency help.

"I believe he saved his life," said Cooper

A senior in Jermyn couldn't get out of the bathtub and Bob came to his aid.

"If I wouldn't have followed up on it, he probably would have just died there laying in that empty bathtub," said Snyder. "You know, you’re not a big hero or anything. As I always say, somebody’s got to do it, I’m glad that I’m able to," said Snyder.

Bob Began his journey with Meals on Wheels more than 20 years ago, with his wife, but now travels alone.

"Christmas Eve she passed away, I still have trouble talking about it," said Snyder.

But he doesn't plan on hitting the brakes anytime soon on these deliveries.

"Most of the guys that sat around the doughnut shop drinking coffee and eating sweets and smoking 'cigareets' are no longer with us. I do myself a favor by keeping on the go," said Snyder.

Going as far as these four wheels and his warm heart will take him.

Meals on Wheels is in desperate need of volunteer drivers in this area. You can contact Meals on Wheels at: http://mealsonwheelsnepa.com/contact/ online.