Winter Weather Blues? Try a Tropical Getaway

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SCRANTON — With the snowy weather and freezing temperatures this winter, some people are looking for an escape.

While some people are enjoying the cold weather, skiing and snowboarding, others might be looking to get out of dodge.

“Well we like to go in the spring and get away from the cold. After a long winter, just get away and enjoy the sunshine,” said Peter Valenta, from Old Forge.

We found a lot of people working with travel agents at AAA in Scranton booking cruises, trips to Disney and even international trips.

Jim Schiariello and his wife Anita, just moved to Montrose and say they like the cold, but they are looking forward to their trip to Italy in May.

“The weather should be nice, we should enjoy that. But we’re probably not going to be doing too much beach and stuff. We’re probably just going to mostly sight see,” said Jim Schiariello, from Montrose.

With the economy getting back up on its feet and a colder winter this year compared to last year, travel agents at AAA say they are becoming even busier.

“Its been very busy since the first of January. With the bad weather people are thinking of getting to a warm weather destination. So we have a lot of people interested in cruising, Disney World has been very popular as it always is but even more so. Cancun, Punta Cana, Caribbean destinations have been very popular, so we’re getting a lot of people there,” said Travel Agency Manager Ted Van Nort.

A summer cruise to Punta Cana is just what student Tom Lapinski has in mind for when school gets out.

“I’m not a big fan of this weather, I’m more of a summer guy so I’m trying to get away towards the end of it,” said Tom Lapinski, from Dunmore.

So if you happen to have the winter blues and are looking to get to a warm and sunny destination, you’re not alone.

With temps in the 40’s for the week and the chance of some snow, you might want to think about booking your next trip soon!